Consultancy / Promotion

Innovation Hub Tirana offers advisory services and promotes your initiative. A group of experts specialized in various fields (start-up, marketing, legal matters, ICT etc.), will be at your disposal in order to better guide you in your journey, leading towards the realization of your project.
Innovation Hub Tirana offers free informative seminars or prior consultation, professional services, allowing you to develop your creativity in the field of ICT. In this regard you will not waste time searching technological equipment, or instructions but you can come over to pick and use the facilities offered by our center.



Innovation Hub Tirana through one of its activities offers:
Training sessions for those who are interested or desire to raise their knowledge regarding innovation, start-ups and technology transfer.


Training subjects:

~ Innovative Program
~ Albanian Cluster Program
~ Incubation Program


Living Lab

Living Lab is an environment where can be tested real experiences where users can create innovation. In the framework of the Living will be organised 4 main activities: Co-Creation; Exploration; Experimentation and Evaluation. The presence of foreign experts is one of the added values of the service we offer. This activity makes possible to expand your knowledge and teaches you to think globally.



Accelerator is designed to promote rapid growth of companies and businesses. It’s a perfect mentoring service, access to technology, office space and an opportunity to join a community, organized in a short time. The expertise required is guaranteed by international experts who convey and explain the benefits, methods and operations of accelerator programs and networking with prominent international organizations. Integrated with the above activities, 5 seminars and workshops will be organised.


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