Innovation Hub is a project initiated and implemented by the Minister of State for Innovation and Public Administration and financed by the Italian-Albanian Debt for Development Swap Program IADSA.

Objektive of the project: To promote and support the social inclusion and sustainable employment programmes for young people by enhancing their active involvement in ICT entrepreneurship, creative, innovative and competitive actions through capacity building, partnership development and growth of entrepreneurial activity, start-ups and SMEs.

The project aims to create a new generation of entrepreneurs, strengthening the possibilities of cooperation through the establishment of networks and providing support at all stages of development and preparation of the business idea.

In the framework of this project is made availabe a 800 m² space, in the heart of the capital, to all young people who have a business idea and want to develop it. This center offers not only working spaces and tools, but also professional support for developing and compleating successful new business ideas in the field of Information Technology.

This project aims to strengthen and support youth entrepreneurship through intensified coordination efforts between civil society organizations, private bodies and public institutions.

The project is implemented in partnership with “Partners Albania, Center for Change and Conflict Management
Comune di Vieste” and “Barleti Institute for Research and Development”