Would you like to bring your idea to life? Here you may find the service package that the Innovation Hub Tirana offers.

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Join Innovation Hub Tirana, we can take your idea to the right people in the right companies to initiate the process of negotiating the sale of your idea/project/product/ start-up.



At Innovation Hub Tirana you can have the opportunity to work alongside trustworthy and reliable sourcing partners or manufacturer to organise and manage the production of your product.
Cost effective analysis and detailed report helping to answer the question as to whether your product will sell and if so, for how much.


Idea development

Product Development is a process of turning an idea into a desirable, manufacturable product that has the best chance of success in the marketplace.  Our solutions enable our users to free up their time and resources, so they can concentrate on their core start-up.



Innovation Hub Tirana provides you with the opportunity to introduce your idea in front of bussiness representatives, who mey find your idea interesting and feasible to invest in it.



Participate at our trainings and workshops and you will learn how to become a true Leader.



ELECTRONICS AND SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT – Layout design and development, electronics testing and software development. You can take the basis of your idea and develop it into a viable, appealing and manufacturable final concept. Innovation Hub Tirana offers to your disposal the latest of technology: wood shop, textiles department, 3D and CNC technology.



We offer to finance your idea development. You may be surprised how little it can cost to get your idea off the ground! (Closed Procedure)



Creativity Support Tools- Accelerating Discovery and Innovation
People can be creative if they follow an orderly method, typically described with several stages, such as preparation, incubation, illumination,
and verification.



A qualified team of experts will be available for giving you consults and evaluating your idea based on the feasibility aspects, capital, business plan etc.